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Mila, #1 in the world!

  • 154cm/40kg
  • Date of Birth: January 10
  • Gender: Female
  • Identity: Rich Girl
  • Personal Mecha: Caramel

Spoiled bratty girl who, after getting bored with other toys, is now enamored with
a huge “doll” like Mecha.

Likes: collecting dolls, lollipops

Dislikes: being preached to, mustard

Advanced info 1

The only child born to a world-famous toy-making family. She has been surrounded
by both countless money and toys since birth, which only kept raising the bar on
the playthings she desired, causing the family to devote one R&D department
Specifically to satisty her. Now, Mila has mechas in sight as her next big toy…

Advanced info 2

The prototype for Caramel seemed to be inspired by a certain heavy assautt model,
only for Mila to mod it into a giant teddy bear. The original tread module was
removed in favor of limbs, making the mecha a rather uncoordinated, lumbering
machine (Mila dubbed such bulkiness “cute”).

Advanced info 3

[5-year old Mila in Kindergarten]
Mila: Let’s play war games. I’ll be the general and you’ll be the soldier.
Boy: I don’t wanna be the soldier.
Mila: Okay, let’s play adventure. I’ll be the hero, you’ll be the monster.
Boy: I don’t wanna be the monster.
Mila: Fine. Let’s play house. I’ll be the lady of the house, you’ll be the… handyman.
Boy: I think I’ll go play with Lulu.
Mila (mad): How picky! You like nothing!

Mila Ability

Dexterous Tumble

Mila ability1
Mila Ability

LV.1 Reload at 75% of normal speed when tumbling.

LV.6 Reload at 150% of normal speed when tumbling.

Extreme Firepower

Mila ability2
Mila Ability

LV.1 +0.5% damage dealt for every 10% DUR lost by mecha.

LV.6 +1% damage dealt for every 10% DUR lost by mecha.

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