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It’s too quite. Time to make some noise.

  • 170cm/48kg
  • Date of Birth: July 15
  • Gender: Female
  • Identity: Underground Mechanic
  • Personal Mecha: Firestar

A rebellious girl who grew up in the streets. Without a past, all she has is the
future. Both her and Firestar’s creed is to crush all injustice.

Likes: Music, basketball

Dislikes: Nagging, hypocritical authorities.

Advanced info 1

As a newcomer, R.E.D quickly took the league by storm. As a former underground
mecha fighter, she carried the performance over to the arena, which won her the
sponsorship of an unknown former competitor, enabling her foray into the SMC.

Advanced info 2

R.E.D didn’t have a smooth sailing in underground mecha fighting. Sure, she beat
one tough opponent affer another to make her mark, but then no one else wanted
to fight her. She was at a loss without opponents, so she decided to challenge the
semi-retired legend, “Warbear”…

Advanced info 3

Part 1 / Underground Mecha Fight:

  1. Restriction: Limit mecha damage efficiency according to universal energy
    equation. (R.E.D: No specific number?)
  2. Scale: One-on-one, faster paced, more brutal than SMC.
  3. Venue: Small. Melee weapons or fists come in handy for this close-quarter
    combat than ranged weapons.
  4. Class: Fighter;
  5. Victory Condition: KO opponent or destroy opposing mecha as quickly as possible,
    with rules for KO breaks similar to a boxing match.
  6. Rules for Attack: Sneak attack from behind not encouraged, no hitting
    surrendered opponent, and no retribution off the court. [RED: That’s just lip service.]
  7. Prizes: The winner of a match gets a medal. Medals can be traded in for cash, or
    to upgrade mecha, or used as wagers on a match. All participants get a share of
    the gate receipt.

R.E.D Ability

Crimson Rhapsody

RED Ability 1
R.E.D Ability

LV.1 Gain 5% DMG reduction for 2s upon firing.

LV.6 Gain 10% DMG reduction for 3s upon firing.

Strong Interference

RED Ability 2
R.E.D Ability

LV.1 +15% duration of debuffs caused by mecha to enemies.

LV.6 +30% duration of debuffs caused by mecha to enemies.

R.E.D Wallpapers

R.E.D Skins