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Andromeda is a personal Mecha upgraded from a mass-produced model, designed to complement its pilot with feminine aesthetics. The salient highlight is the wings that enable the Mecha to manoeuvre freely through battle. Coupled with its long-ranged bolts, Andromeda is a nimble killing machine.

Battle FeaturesHit-and-run, Continuous
Battle RangeFar
Basic DUR2000
Additional Shield600
Total Fuel100

Andromeda Guide


Energy Catapult (Primary, Moderate, Area)

Launch Energy Catapult projectiles that deal area damage.
Clip Capacity: 12
Attack Frequency: 2.0 shots/sec
Reloading Time: 2.2s

Homing Javelin (Secondary, Moderate, Area)

Throw an arrow-piercing javelin that penetrates and stays in the target Mecha, guiding your Energy Catapult projectiles to the target. Explosion damage is dealt when javelin disappears.
Cooldown: 12s
Saturated: 520

Levitation (Jump)

Tap to activate Levitation mode. Tap again to deactivate Levitation mode.
Jump: 23/times
Levitation Consumption: 8.6/sec

Swift Dodge (Tactical)

Short-distance Charge.
Cooldown: 7.0s

1. Combat Strategies

Andromeda can Exploit Levitation and Swift Dodge Skills to Evade Massive damage and seek openings to do damage. After activating Heat-Seeking Barrel Core 1 Module – the Guided Javelin auto-locks and tracks enemy Mecha. It deals inescapable Massive damage to enemy.

2. Modules


Every Mecha has four Module Skills: Attack Defense, Propulsion, and Core, that can be freely allocated out of combat. After allocation, the appropriate module must be found in the Arena to activate the skill. Every module type ranged from level 1-3 (Green, Blue, Purple) to activate skills of different levels.


This is recommended modules from Pro Andromeda player:

Andromeda modules tips

In this configuration, Rapid Throw module reduces Cooldown time for secondary weapon. This they you can spam your Javelin more often.
Leap Shield restore Andromeda’s shield when you switch from walking to Hover. It helps a lot to save small repair devices during battle.
Engine Enhancement – this modules improves Andromeda flight speed. Its very important to be able to keep distance from enemy. Without this module Andromeda just too slow.

Core 2 Heavy Barrel module works best for Andromeda, thanks to its paralysis ability.

3. Tech setup

Andromeda Tech setup

Each player has a different style of play, so it is better to choose the modules that are right for you. if you are an experienced player, I ask you to write in the comments your Nickname and the Modules, Tech setup & Pilot talent that you use. This way we will be able to collect tips and tech configurations of different alpha players.


Here’s really good Tech Configuration from Pro Andromeda player:

Andromeda tech tips
Penetration CommandDamage Bonus with High DUR +1.8%, Shot Velocity +2%
HyperfireLong-range damage +1.5%, Shot Velocity +2%
Efficient ReloadArea of Explosion +2%, Shot Velocity +2%
Improved Fuel TankMax Fuel +2%, Fuel Recovery +1.8%
Supercharged CapacitorMax Fuel +2%, Shield DR +2.5%
Concurrent Power SupplyMovement Speed +1.8%, Fuel Recovery +1.8%

This configuration focused on Shoot Velocity and Fuel. Andromeda’s arrows not that fast, and sometime really hard to hit fast moving target like Skylark. So its good to improve shoot Velocity, it makes easier to Hit enemies.

At the same time, Andromeda depends a lot from Fuel. So its good to improve Max Fuel and Fuel Recovery.

+20% Fuel Bonus in Granbelm / Hacker Intrusion mode also recommended.

4. Pilot Ability

Joanna ability 2
Joanna’s Fuel Bonus ability

Andromeda’s Pilot is Joanna. And Joanna got one of the best abilities – Expeditious Charge (Fuel Bonus). This is suits best for Andromeda, because Andromeda need more Hover time. So additional fuel helps a lot. Also its allows to do more jumps and dodge enemy attacks this way.

5. Tactical Terminals

Any of this Tactical AD Terminals works very good for Andromeda:

Energy Field:
Great Terminal overall. If your Mecha Full HP and you use repair device, then it makes additional temporary Shield for Andromeda, this is very good for Defense.

Never Give Up:
Unfortunately Andromeda low HP mecha, and it makes her easy to destroy. So it will be good to save Core module and other purple modules in case of get destroyed.

Fiery Instinct:
Movement Speed bonus helps to dodge attacks and keep distance from enemy.

Anti-Artillery Shield:
This Terminal suits perfectly for Andromeda, just keep distance from enemy, at least 50m away, and damage from enemy will be reduced by 10%. This is significant bonus to defense.

Strike Back and other Damage bonus terminals:
Works good for damage bonus. Andromeda Clip Capacity not that big, so every time when ammo below 40%, it will get 10% damage bonus.

Andromeda Wallpapers