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Just like the name, Boltus is a Mecha full of mystery and intrigue.
A unique apparatus dubbed the “Cauldron of Thundercloud” by the pilot, hovered around the shoulders like a soothsayer’s crystal ball, emitting endless lightning sparks to grant Boltus formidable, virtually mystical powers.
The sphere of pure electricity, unlike conventional plasma, could generate thunderbolt, enable supernatural conductivity beyond normal physics, and morph the mecha itseld into electricity for movement and attacks, bestowing Boltus the ability to adapt to combat at any distance.
Its paranormal performance in battles and “dark technology” also attracted the attention of all major factions, while Boltus has proven time and time again, how foolish it was to incur the wrath of lightning.

Battle FeaturesHit-and-run, Burst
Battle RangeFar
Basic DUR2300
Additional Shield500
Total Fuel100

Boltus Guide

Super Mecha Champions Boltus

Lightning Bolt (Primary, Moderate, Straight)

Fire lightning bolt that adds 1 lightning mark to a hit mecha and triggers 1 lightning damage at 5 marks.
Clip Capacity: 20
Attack Frequency: 2.4 shots/sec
Reloading Time: 2.0s

Laser Cannon (Secondary, Extreme, Straight)

Activate a Laser Cannon that deals damage instantly and add 2 lightning marks. The Laser Cannon lock onto enemies and retracts within a certain range.
Cooldown: 14.0s
Saturated Damage: 470

Jump (Jump)

Perform a normal leap.
Fuel Consumption: 22/times

Lightning Charge (Tactical)

Transform into electric current and initiate a high-speed charge. During this time, gain 90% damage reduction; you gain the ability to pass through enemy mecha and add 1 lightning mark to mecha hit.
Cooldown: 11.0s
Fuel Consumption: 10/times

1. Combat Strategies

Boltus is a mecha with agility and explosive power. The Lightning Bolt primary weapon, Laser Cannon secondary weapon, and lightning charge with the Core module activated – can all inflict lightning marks on an opponent. When the mark count reaches 5 – the enemy is susceptible to a devastating thunderbolt that will deal very significant damage.
As a tactical skill, Lightning Charge can cover a lot of ground in a short period to seize an advantageous position. The damage reduction buff it provides – also makes it a great option for escaping ambushes.
Smart applications of Lightning Charge maintaining distance to fire or starting with Laser Cannon to get into melee and deal great damage – all tactical options for Boltus. Explore module and tech combos and then choose your strategy wisely according to the enemy, and terrain to ensure a victory.

2. Modules

Boltus modules

Every Mecha has four Module Skills: Attack Defense, Propulsion, and Core, that can be freely allocated out of combat. After allocation, the appropriate module must be found in the Arena to activate the skill. Every module type ranged from level 1-3 (Green, Blue, Purple) to activate skills of different levels.


Boltus have good damage per second, but not that good defense. So, here’s modules configuration for better defense:

boltus modules tips

Static Shock module gives significant damage bonus against enemy Mecha shield.
Energy Absorption module regenerates shield when hitting a mecha with secondary weapon. This module very good to improve defense.
Greased Lightning reduces cooldown time for Charge skill. Without this module cooldown time just too big. And this Lightning Charge helps a lot to dodge enemy attacks, so better to reduce cooldown time for this skill.

Core 2 Hypercharge Module recommended for better lightning damage.

3. Tech setup

Boltus tech setup

Each player has a different style of play, so it is better to choose the modules that are right for you. if you are an experienced player, I ask you to write in the comments your Nickname and the Modules, Tech setup & Pilot talent that you use. This way we will be able to collect tips and tech configurations of different alpha players.


Here’s example of Tech Configuration for Boltus. Since Boltus deals significant damage per second, Life Drain modules can works good for Boltus. Also Boltus require Fuel to jump and dodge. So here’s configuration focused on Damage, Fuel and Life Drain and defense:

boltus tech tips
Melee ComponentsShort-range damage +1.80%, Damage Bonus vs. Shield +3%
Assault ProgramShort-range damage +1.80%, Rate of Fire +1.20%
Bombardment ChipRate of Fire +1.20%, Accuracy +2.40%
Improved Fuel TankMax Fuel +2%, Fuel Recovery +1.8%
Self-healing LinerLife Drain on attacks +1.2%, Low-DUR DR +2.5%
First Response UnitLife Drain on attacks +1.2%, Shield Recovery +2%

4. Pilot Ability

Joanna ability 2

Since Boltus use jumps to dodge enemy attacks, Joanna’s Fuel bonus suits good for this mecha.

At the same time, Boltus relies a lot on its Charge skill, so it can be good to reduce Cooldown time of charge skill with Rom ability.

rom ability

5. Tactical Terminals

Any of this Tactical Terminals works good for Boltus:

Fiery Instinct:
Reduces Movement Speed and Tactical skill Cooldown time. Very good for mobility.

Energy Field:
Great Terminal overall. If your Mecha Full HP and you use repair device, then it makes additional temporary Shield for Boltus.

Strike Back, Burshot, Eye for an Eye:
Any of this terminals good for additional damage bonus.

Boltus Wallappers