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Super Mecha Champions Arthur

Once the ace fighter in the Singularity War, Arthur now returns with chevalier appearance and valiant fighting style to become the most popular Mecha of the league.

The boosters on its back and legs provide great mobility, while the giant sword it wiled both deals hide damage and controls a battle.

Battle FeaturesHit-and-run, Assault
Battle RangeClose
Basic DUR2200
Additional Shield800
Total Fuel120
Arthur Features

Arthur Guide

EMT Blade (Primary, Slow, Area)

Release Blade to add a stack of Blade mark on any mecha hit by it, triggering Paralyze after 4 stacks, rendering the target unable to attack or move.
Clip capacity: 7
Attack Frequency: 2.0 shots/sec
Charging Time: 0.8sec/shot

Whirlwind Charge (Secondary)

Amass the energy for Arthur to launch 3 charging slashes in a short time.
Cooldown: 12.0s
Saturated Damage: 1620

Aerial Leap (Jump)

Can do a double-jump in air.
Fuel Consumption: 20/times

Tactical Advance (Tactical)

Short-distance Charge
Cooldown: 5.0s
Fuel Consumption: 10/times

1. Combat strategies

Arthur can Fire Blade from Long range.
After Activating the Turbo Jet Core 1 Module it can close in on an enemy rapidly with a triple Charge.
Paralyze with Blade.
Then attack by a triple Whirlwind charge with the secondary weapon to destroy the target.

2. Modules

SMC Arthur modules
Arthur modules

Every Mecha has four Module Skills: Attack Defense, Propulsion, and Core, that can be freely allocated out of combat. After allocation, the appropriate module must be found in the Arena to activate the skill. Every module type ranged from level 1-3 (Green, Blue, Purple) to activate skills of different levels.


This purple modules works good for Arthur:

Arthur modules tips
Arthur Recommended Modules

In this configuration, Powerleap module increases height of Jumps, this is most important module for Arthur. It allows to dodge from enemy attacks better, and jump even on high buildings. Frantic Charge module improves secondary weapon damage. And Energy Conversion module works perfectly with Hit-and-Run technique. While you move a lot and spend Mecha fuel, it recovers Arthur’s Shield. It makes harder for enemies to broke shield.
Core Module 1 (Turbo Jet) very important for Arthur’s Mobility.

3. Tech setup

Arthur tech modules setup
Arthur tech

Each player has a different style of play, so it is better to choose the modules that are right for you. if you are an experienced player, I ask you to write in the comments your Nickname and the Modules, Tech setup & Pilot talent that you use. This way we will be able to collect tips and tech configurations of different alpha players.


This is Arthur Mecha Tech setup focused on Shoot Velocity and Fuel recovery:

Arthur tech tips
Arthur Tech setup Tips
Melee ComponentsShort-range damage +1.8%, Damage Bonus vs. Shield +3%
HyperfireLong-range damage 1.5%, Shot Velocity +2%
Penetration CommandDamage Bonus with High DUR +1.8%, Shot Velocity +2%
Improved Fuel TankMax Fuel +2%, Fuel Recovery +1.8%
Concurrent Power SupplyMovement Speed +1.8%, Fuel Recovery +1.8%
Supercharged CapacitorMax Fuel +2%, Shield DR +2.5%

Since Arthur moves and jump a lot during battle, it needs more fuel. This tech setup improves fuel recovery and max fuel. Melee Components great module overall. And two other attack modules focused on Shoot Velocity, it helps to hit target with primary weapon.

Feel free to change this configuration for your combat style.

4. Pilot Ability

rom ability

Arthur’s Pilot – Rom. Rom’s ability “Combat Control” should works well for Arthur.

Joanna ability 2

At the same time, there is better Pilot ability for Arthur: “Expeditious Charge“. This ability is Highly recommended to use. Additional Fuel bonus gives to Arthur more mobility. Since Arthur moves and jumps a lot, additional fuel works great.

You can also use any other Pilot ability. Write in Comments below ability which you use?

5. Tactical Terminals

Any of this Tactical Terminals works well for Arthur, for better Defense, Speed and Damage:

Energy Field.
If your Mecha Full HP and you use repair device, then it makes additional temporary Shield for Arthur, this is very good For Defense.

Fiery Instinct.
Bonus to Movement Speed Works great for Arthur.

Treasure Assault & Crazy Doll
For Damage bonus.

Race Against Time
Arthur is Hit-and-Run Mecha. And very often Arthur players run away to use repair device, and them come back to battle. So it will be good to use repair device 30% faster.

Arthur Wallpapers