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Anyone who’s seen Hurricane in combat left in awe of its aerial dogfighting ability. Hurricane’s shoulder-mounted twin fixtures not only carry its core weapon, the high-explosive missiles, but can also transform into turbo engines in flight. Given the superb mobility and formidable firepower, enemies engaging it in flight will surely leave battered and bruised.

Battle FeaturesHit-and-run, Continuous
Battle RangeNormal
Basic DUR2000
Additional Shield800
Total Fuel120

Hurricane Guide

Super Mecha Champions Hurricane

Aircraft gun (Primary, Extreme, Straight)

High-burst double-barreled machine gun with plenty of ammunition.
Clip Capacity: 150
Attack Frequency: 31.2 shots/sec
Reloading Time: 2.0s

High-Explosive Missile (Secondary, Slow, Area)

Launch two high-power missiles that cause explosions in a large area.
Cooldown: 8.0s
Saturated Damage: 600

High-Speed Charge (Tactical)

Transform into its aircraft mode, which is capable of performing High-Speed Charges.
Jump: 16/times
Levitation Consumption: 14/sec

Airborne Jump (Jump)

Tap to jump, then tap again in midair to transform into its hovering form.
Jump: 15/times
Levitation Consumption: 6.8/sec

High-Speed Charge (Tactical)

Transform into its aircraft mode, which is capable of performing High-Speed Charges.
Jump: 16/times
Levitation Consumption: 14/sec

1. Combat strategies

Hurricane is adept at exploiting terrain and Flight for attacking from Air. A flying Hurricane can switch effortless between Hover and March to evade enemy attack. Find an excellent spot to unleash damage in a spectacular aerial display. Disintegrating a target with its aircraft gun and missiles.

2. Modules

super mecha champions hurricane Modules
Hurricane Modules

Every Mecha has four Module Skills: Attack Defense, Propulsion, and Core, that can be freely allocated out of combat. After allocation, the appropriate module must be found in the Arena to activate the skill. Every module type ranged from level 1-3 (Green, Blue, Purple) to activate skills of different levels.


Here’s example of optimal Hurricane modules configuration:

hurricane modules tips
Recommended Hurricane Modules

Hurricane’s primary weapon – strong side of this Mecha. So it’s better to focus on primary weapon in modules.
Large Calibre and Aircraft Gun Clip increases primary weapon round impact radius & clip capacity.

Heat-Tracking & Fuel Tank – both of this modules works great for Hurricane.
The problem is, if you have Fuel Tank module activated, then you don’t have Secondary Weapon Tracking ability at all.
It’s better to have Tracking ability, while Fuel bonus we can get from Tech modules & Pilot ability (Joanna’s Expeditious Charge). Also in Granbelm & Hacker Intrusion we can get 20% Fuel bonus too.

At the same time, if your aiming skills are very good and you can hit enemies with secondary weapon without Heat-Tracking, then it might be better to use the fuel tank bonus to increase the fuel even more.
But you have to remember – More Max Fuel takes more time to recover to Maximum.

Core 2 Precise Guidence module highly recommended to improve primary weapon aiming, especially for beginners.
And if your aiming skills are very good, then you can use Core 1 Missile Cluster module instead.

Tech setup

super mecha champions hurricane tech setup
Hurricane Tech setup

Each player has a different style of play, so it is better to choose the modules that are right for you. if you are an experienced player, I ask you to write in the comments your Nickname and the Modules, Tech setup & Pilot talent that you use. This way we will be able to collect tips and tech configurations of different alpha players.


Here’s an example of good tech modules for Hurricane, feel free to use and modify this configuration for your own playstyle:

hurricane tech tips
Melee ComponentsShort-range damage +1.8%, Damage Bonus vs. Shield +3%
Bombardment ChipRate of Fire +1.2%, Accuracy +2.4%
Assault ProgramShort-range damage +1.80%, Rate of Fire +1.2%
Improved Fuel TankMax Fuel +2%, Fuel Recovery +1.8%
Concurrent Power SupplyMovement Speed +1.8%, Fuel Recovery +1.8%
Supercharged CapacitorMax Fuel +2%, Shield DR +2.5%

This Configuration focused on Max Fuel, Fuel Recovery and Damage.

Hurricane performs best at Normal- and Short-Range, so its better to optimise Short-Range damage.
Melee Components – great module overall, it gives significant bonus against mecha shield and short range damage.
Also, since Hurricane got very big Clip Capacity, its good to increase Rate of Fire. This way we able to unleash this big Clip Capacity faster.

And all defense modules focused on Max Fuel and Fuel Recovery.

4. Pilot Ability

Vita ability 2

Vita is a hurricane pilot. But since Vita got not that good ability, its better to use other pilots abilities.

Joanna’s Expedition Charge ability with a Fuel bonus should perform best in a Hurricane:

Joanna ability 2

5. Tactical Terminals

Any of this Tactical AD Terminals works very good for Hurricane:

Fiery Instinct:
For Movement Speed bonus.

Energy Field:
Great Terminal overall. If your Mecha Full HP and you use repair device, then it makes additional temporary Shield for Hurricane, this is very good for defense.

Strike Back, Eye for an Eye, Treasure assault:
All of these terminals provide a nice bonus to hurricane damage. Especially if you activate all of these Terminals at the same time, the damage will improve significantly.

Hurricane Wallpapers