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Gabriel super mecha champions

No one knows the origin of Gabriel. Some said it’s an alien invention, some claimed a mysterious organisation is related, while others touted it as the peak of human intelligence.
In any case, its appearance has skewed the level of the competition, by ending enemies with powerful ultra long-ranged attacks before they can figure out what happened.

Battle FeaturesSnipe, Burst
Battle RangeFurther
Basic DUR2300
Additional Shield500
Total Fuel100

Gabriel Guide

Super Mecha Champions Gabriel

AP Energy Cannon (Primary, Moderate, Area)

Fire an energy attack that penetrates enemy mecha and shields.
Clip Capacity: 10
Attack Frequency: 1.3 shots/sec
Reloading Time: 2.6s

Sniper Cannon (Secondary, Extreme, Area)

When sniping while scoping, damage increases significantly over time.
Fully Charged: 2.5s
Saturated Damage: 790

Airborne Jump (Jump)

Use hovering propulsion to perform leaps.
Fuel consumption: 20/times

Teleportation (Tactical)

Spend energy to perform teleportation to the target location.
Cooldown: 12.0s

1. Combat Strategies

Gabriel can gain High ground via Teleportation and gain initiative through Sniper Cannon for a clear a wide field of vision to detect targets.
In close combat:
Energy Cannon is enhanced when the Spiral Missile Core 2 Module is activated. It dealing great damage to target in short range.

2. Modules

Gabriel Modules

Every Mecha has four Module Skills: Attack Defense, Propulsion, and Core, that can be freely allocated out of combat. After allocation, the appropriate module must be found in the Arena to activate the skill. Every module type ranged from level 1-3 (Green, Blue, Purple) to activate skills of different levels.


Here’s example of good Gabriel modules configuration:

gabriel modules tips

Large Energy Bank improves clip capacity.
Energy Tag helps you with aiming, if enemies hide behind trees.
And Hyper Warp module very good for Gabriel mobility. It helps to teleport on high buildings easier, and also helps to keep distance from enemies.

Core 2 Spirale Missile module very useful for Gabriel, without this module Gabriel too weak in close range.

3. Tech setup


Each player has a different style of play, so it is better to choose the modules that are right for you. if you are an experienced player, I ask you to write in the comments your Nickname and the Modules, Tech setup & Pilot talent that you use. This way we will be able to collect tips and tech configurations of different alpha players.


Here’s Tech Setup focused on Damage and Fuel:

gabriel tech tips
Melee ComponentsShort-range damage +1.8%, Damage Bonus vs. Shield +3.00%
Sniper RoundLong-range damage +1.5%, Accuracy +2.4%
Ranged Attack ComponentsLong-range damage +1.5%, Reload Rate +3%
Improved Fuel TankMax Fuel +2%, Fuel Recovery +1.8%
Supercharged CapacitorMax Fuel +2%, Shield DR +2.5%
Concurrent Power SupplyMovement Speed +1.8%, Fuel Recovery +1.8%

Gabriel players very often use jumps to dodge enemy attacks, so its good to get additional Fuel and Fuel recovery bonus.
Melee components gives great bonus against mecha shield, while two other attack modules focused on long-range damage.

4. Pilot Ability

ning ability

Ning’s ability for DUR Bonus can works great for Gabriel.

5. Tactical Terminals

All of this Tactical Terminals suits very well for Gabriel:

Force Fortress:
Damage bonus when mecha is not moving – perfect Terminal for Gabriel.

Damage bonus 15% for first shot after reloading – its very significant bonus, especially if you charge you sniper cannon 100%,

Strike Back:
Significant damage bonus.

Energy Field:
Very good terminal for additional shield and defense.  If your Mecha Full HP and you use repair device, then it makes additional temporary Shield.

Gabriel Wallpapers