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Can a caged bird fly after it’s freed?

  • 165cm/45kg
  • Date of Birth: March 22
  • Gender: Female
  • Identity: Girl from the Shimizu family
  • Personal Mecha: Skylark

Eldest daughter of the famous Shimizu Family, bound by tradition since birth and
yearned for freedom.

Like: skateboarding, ice cream

Dislikes: being restricted

Advanced info 1

The eldest daughter of the renowned Shimizu family. The clan has pinned its hopes
on her, enough to break the tradition of allowing only Shimizu men to pilot the

Advanced info 2

Among the many models owned by the Shimizu family, Skylark is the only mecha
exclusive to the family and not for sale. The best Shimizu technology, many of
which confidential, went into each generation of Skylark, with retired models
quickly sealed away for the mecha to remain inscrutable by the industry.

Advanced info 3

Young lori: Look, mom. Up there, Skylark!
lori’s Mom: Yes, that’s your brother.
Young lori: They fly so fast!
Young lori: Can I ride a skylark?
lori’s Mom: You know only the eldest son in the family can pilot the Skylark.
Young lori: Sigh…
lori’s Mom: Someone needs to polish a wartior’s sword and armor. That’s what we
do in the family, support the warrior.
Young lori: So where is he going?
lori’s Mom: Some place tar, far away.
lori’s Mom: But don’t worry, he’ll be back soon.
Young lori: Okay. When he is back, I want him to tell stories about the sky!

Iori Ability

Wind and Snow

Iori ability 1
Iori Ability

LV.1 Perform an extra minor jump in air at 75% of normal distance.

LV.6 Perform an extra minor jump in air at 125% of normal distance.

Self Repair Device

Iori Ability 2 1
Iori Ability

LV.1 Restore 10 DUR every 4 seconds after disengaging.

LV.6 Restore 20 DUR every 4 seconds after disengaging.

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Iori Skins