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Would you like to dance with me?

  • 172cm/49kg
  • Date of Birth: November 6
  • Gender: Female
  • Identity: Teen Idol
  • Personal Mecha: Andromeda

Used to be a pro rhythmic gymnast before joining a idol group and possessed
uncanny agility belying her gentle appearance.

Likes: dancing, shopping

Dislikes: fats, rudeness

Advanced info 1

A tormer gymnast with potential to be a world champion, until an injury totally
derailed her career. Because of her good looks, Joanna was signed to a long-term
contract by United Media after retirement and joined the entertainment biz.

Advanced info 2

Andromeda started off as a prototype developed by the Dawson-Bruno Machinery
Corp (DBC). Codenamed “Concord Ranger”, the initial goal was to design a reliable
long-range mecha for the military. A failed bid prevented it from going into mass
production, until the prototype was purchased by United Media.

Advanced info 3

Joanna@Joanna 1/25/20xx

Hey, good evening, this is Joanna.

Did you check out last night’s livestream? Did you like our new song, Never Ending
Princess? Every one of us has been percolating our moves for two months now, so
hope you guys all felt the energy!

Oh, and I got an important news: I, Joanna, starting this spring, will join the Super
Mecha Champion circuit and officially be a competitor!

So let us get down on the big-big-higgest stage!

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Joanna Ability

Lithe Posture


LV.1 +1 use of tumbling/charge skill.

LV.6. +1 use of tumbling/charge skill, +10% distance for tumbling/charge.

Expeditious Charge

Joanna ability

LV.1 +5% max mecha Fuel.

LV.6 +10% max mecha Fuel.

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