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I’m far from out of my prime, whippersnapper!

  • 180cm/70kg
  • Date of Birth: November 11
  • Gender: Male
  • Identity: Former ace pilot
  • Personal Mecha: Arthur

Former Ace Mecha Pilot and senior operative whose career came to a screeching
halt when he suddenly became wanted 8 years ago.

Likes: Whiskey, chocolate

Dislikes: Anything troublesome, being called “Uncle”.

Advanced info 1:

The story of Rom, a Singularity War veteran and former ace pilot, has been tully
Classified by the military, which has steadfastly refused to disclose why he went
AWOL, made the Most Wanted list, and was pardoned after spending years as a
fugitive. This makes his past eight years a complete mystery.

Advanced info 2:

Arthur was a primary model for the mechas in the Singularity War. Through complex
magnetic circuits and conduits, its long sword amasses highly heated plasma to
deliver massive damage in melee.

Advanced info 3:

ICEBERG Bar Tab: Rom

Feb. 1: 2 beers.
Feb. 4: 2 beers, paid in cash.
Feb. 14: 2 beers, 1 margarita.
Feb. 15: 8 whiskey shots, 8 beers.
Mar. 13: 2 beers.
Mar. 14: 2 beers.
Apr. 4: 2 beers, paid in cash.
Apr. 15: 8 beers, 6 whiskey shots, 2 stools, 8 glasses, 12 bar windows.
Apr. 16: Deposit paid in gold badges.
Apr. 20: 1 orange juice.
Apr. 26: 1 orange juice.
May 30: 1 orange juice.
Aug. 3: bought rounds tor everyone, including 45 whiskey shots, 158 beers, 46
vodka, 20 appetizer plates, paid in cash.

Rom Ability

Combat Shield

Rom Pilot Ability

LV.1 Gain 35 temporary Shield for 90s after a kill.

LV.6 Gain 70 temporary Shield for 180s after a kill.

Combat Control

Rom Pilot Ability

LV.1 -3.5% combat skill CD for mecha.

LV.6 -7% combat skill CD for mecha.

Rom Wallpapers

Rom Skins