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Unless you prepare well, you’ll be greeted by Hurricane

  • 169cm/48kg
  • Date of Birth: November 12
  • Gender: Female
  • Identity: Legendary Mecha Drill Sergeant
  • Personal Mecha: Hurricane

Like a hurricane, Vita is now calm at heart no matter how stormy it is around her.
Likes: Be alone
Dislikes: Be alone

Advanced info 1

Served on the same mecha squadron with Rom. Often went “lone wolf” and struck
deep behind the enemy line. Piloted modified mecha for aerial assault in the
Singularity War, which was practically unheard at the time. After the war, became
an officer of Hurricane Squadron, also instructing the elite unit in air-ground

Advanced info 2

Mecha battles are often fought as ground wartare. While there are highly mobile
mechas involved, their movement is still restricted by the terrain. However, an
elite army with a squadron of Hurricanes at the core can switch and operate freely
between ground clashes and aerial dogfights, given the mobility granted by their
flight. Their aerial advantage enables them to attack both targets in the air and on
the ground effectively, whether individually or collectively in a variety of sorties.
The most suitable mission for a Hurricane squadron is strafing ground enemies and
dealing massive damage, providing air support and firepower against opposing air
forces, as well as engaging aerial targets encountered when necessary.

Advanced info 3

Mechas to a squad, three squads To a Squadron. It’s the foundation upon which
Strategy and missions are based.

A Hurricane squadron’s standard operation procedure in combat consists of:
Phase 1, after deployment from a mother ship or large transport craft, approach
target airspace at maximum cruising speed;
Phase 2, descend in high speed and fire at will upon all visible targets;
Phase 3, assign target for each squad. Squad A engages ground and low-altitude
targets in ground warfare, Squad B hovers in the air and attacks any core group
isolated from the enemy force, and Squad C circles the field in high speed and
bombard the target with missiles;
Phase 4, following the destruction of core target, Squad C will suppress the
remaining targets and then assemble with Squads A and B in the air to reform the
Squadron proceeding to the next target area.

Vita Ability

Mecha Hunter

Vita ability 1

LV.1 +4% damage vs. mecha, -6% damage taken from mecha.

LV.6 +8% damage vs. mecha, -12% damage taken from mecha.

Quick Shield Recharge

Vita ability 2

LV.1 +10% Shield Recovery, -15% Recovery Cooldown.

LV.1 +20% Shield Recovery, -30% Recovery Cooldown.

Vita Skins